Mounting Instructions

Tooth Jewelry/Crystal Mounting Instructions

Follow our instructions closely for best possible result. On a newly bleached tooth wait 48 hrs before mounting a jewel. Note that curing times may vary between different manufacture and strength of curing lamp. We recommend using Heliobond or other completely transparent bond or resin. If you use material other than what we recommended please follow that products specifications.

  1. Polish and clean the tooth carefully. Etch the surface to an area larger than the jewel to be applied for at least 20 seconds. Flush carefully with water and then air-dry the tooth. Do not etch the backside of the jewel.
  2. Pour some of the material into a cup and using a small brush apply 1 to 2 drops of Heliobond onto the etched surface ( use more to fill the curved backside of goldjewels, and less for crystals since they have a flat backside).
  3. Pick up the jewel with a Pick-N-Stic, all the while making sure not to touch the jewels backside, and place it right in the middle of the Heliobond you have applied to the etched surface. Stabilize the jewel with a probe and then remove the Pick-N-Stick.
  4. Check with the patient that the jewel is correctly placed. Light-cure for at least 40 seconds from all angels. Also from behind the tooth.
  5. Now using the brush you apply Heliobond again. Starting on the enamel you apply a thin layer of material so it covers both the surrounding enamel and all of the jewel (using too much material can dull the sparkle of the jewel and can also make it´s mounting less secure). Use gentle strokes going from one side of the jewel to the other and then you finish with taking the brush all around the jewel in a circular stroke. The jewel will now be fully covered in a sparkling protective surface. It is important that any residue of material be cleaned up using for instance a cotton swab, of course making sure not to touch the area close to the jewel. Light-cure for at least 40 seconds, from all sides.
  6. Now check with a probe to make sure that the surface all around is perfect. If you need to polish use a mild one, preferably silicon-polisher.

The following material is recommended: Heliobond.

Dismounting Procedure for both gold and crystal

  1. Try to remove it the same way you remove a bracket.
  2. If this does not work take the most of using a diamond bur, very carefully!
  3. If there is a diamond in the jewel remove all the gold around it and the diamond will come off by itself.
  4. After this polish the area . Air-blow and be careful to see that you are only polishing the resin away- not the enamel.