Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

Nordic Original och Nordic Crystals are small jewels that are glued onto the tooth enamel.

Nordic Original tooth jewels are made from gold or white gold and with or without mounted precious stones. Nordic Crystal are cut glass crystals. All materials used are tested and proven safe in dentistry and the adhesive used for mounting is the same as used for braces.

Will this damage my tooth?

No, not in any way

All our jewles are glued onto the tooths enamel surface, just like when attaching braces.

How long will it stay on for?

As long as you wish

If the tooth jewel has been mounted according to our instructions it will stay put until you ask your dentist to have it removed. Removal will not leave any marks on your tooth.

What is the difference between diamonds and crystals?

One is a precious stone and the other made from glass crystal

The diamonds we use in our gold jewels are diamonds of the quality Wesselton Vs and with diamond or brilliant cut. Nordic Crystal are our cut glass crystals with a flat backside coated with a reflective material.

How do I remove my tooth jewel?

At your dentist

You remove your tooth jewel at your dentists. It is completely harmless for your tooth but the jewel most often will be destroyed.

Can I brush my teeth as usual?


To have a tooth jewel on your tooth does in no way hinder the brushing of your teeth.

Can my dentist examine my teeth as usual?


The area under the jewel is sealed by the adhesive used and will prevent any bacteria from entering the area.

Will I feel the jewel on my tooth?

For a few days

Our tooth jewels are between 0,3-0,7 mm thick. They can be felt during the first few days of wearing them but one gets used to them fast and will not notice them any longer.